Big Sur Salts Copywriting

TASTEFULLY MADE A boutique food and drink branding company based int the Bay Area. I have worked with them as a copywriting contractor since 2015. EDIBLE SILICON VALLEY I wrote the copy for these local product featurettes in the summer and fall 2021 issues. CARMEL BERRY While doing the research required to create copy for […]

Middle Mountain Farm Rebuild

Around 6 years ago I built Lynn and Paulette Wittwer to promote their artisan Blueberry Wine Vinegar. Now, they opened the farm up to the public as a U-Pick, so I redesigned the site and added an instagram feed (actually, 2 Instagram feeds.) This way they have the capability to promote their ripe berries […]

Winery/Mobile Article for Bang Pound Dot

As the wine you make ages, it usually gets better. Sadly, age seems to work the opposite way in the digital world. Web technology changes and improves so fast, taking a “one and done” approach to your digital marketing is never going to earn you optimum results. But like the careful process of making wine, […]

Brands We Love: Nancy’s Yogurt

When I see Nancy’s Yogurt handily stocked in the refrigerated section of my local market, I get that (cool) fuzzy feeling. When I was a small child, Nancy’s was a regular in my parent’s fridge. An increased interest in health in my 30s earned Nancy’s a front row spot in my own. It’s a brand […]

Crackerjacks Pub Menus

[lightbox] [2c_lightbox_image title=”Happy Hour Food” group=”gallery|all” src=”” last=”no”] [2c_lightbox_image title=”Happy Hour Drinks” group=”gallery|all” src=”” last=”yes”]   [2c_lightbox_image title=”Lunch and Dinner” group=”gallery|all” src=”” last=”no”] [2c_lightbox_image title=”Lunch and Dinner” group=”gallery|all” src=”” last=”yes”]   [2c_lightbox_image title=”House Drinks” group=”gallery|all” src=”” last=”no”] [2c_lightbox_image title=”Beer and Wine” group=”gallery|all” src=”” last=”yes”] [/lightbox]

The Point Burien Website

A custom WordPress website for The Point Burien. Features custom animations, sports schedule, Slider Revolution touch-enabled photo gallery, blog roll, jump links, contact form, maps, custom landing page, scrolling navigation and more.

When to Upgrade from Homemade

“Wow, your sauce is so delicious!” You hear this all the time, it’s what makes you tick. You were able to turn what was once a secret family recipe into a legitimate business. Armed with a great product, a homemade logo and pieced-together packaging, you started small and rose to the top at your local […]

Bang Pound Dot

  In 2015 I helped launch Bang Pound Dot, a creative and digital direction consultancy specializing in food and lifestyle brands. I collaborate directly with the founder of BPD to develop the unique voice of each client, which I then translate into both digital and print projects. My experience as a newspaper reporter helps me work […]