Marketing, Strategy and Design, 2023-Present

Chili Royale is a hyper-local chili crisp company based in Bandon, Oregon. In the summer of 2023, I was approached to assist with marketing and design for this growing brand. Since then, I’ve been deeply involved in various projects to enhance its visibility and appeal.
One of the initial challenges I tackled was preparing Chili Royale for one of its first major events: a weeks-long Christmas market at Wow Hall in Eugene, Oregon. To ensure a strong presence, we crafted a comprehensive table display featuring bespoke signage, custom stickers and tailored rack cards—both physical and digital—for the convenience of customers and business contacts alike.
After that I moved their existing website from Squarespace to Shopify and rebuilt it, featuring custom product photography and animations. I also designed and developed their sell sheet, made them custom rubber stamps, social media posts and various other tasks. 
Leveraging my experience with startups and their unique challenges, I collaborated closely with Ginger and Ben, the owners of Chili Royale, to accommodate their limited budget. I provided guidance and training in areas where they could become self-sufficient, while also offering my professional services as needed. This approach has enabled the brand to navigate its growth trajectory effectively.
Today, Chili Royale products are available in several major Pacific Northwest retailers and are steadily expanding their footprint. Most recently, I had the opportunity to design the label for their brand-new Calabrian Chili oil, previewed at the recent 1-Moto Festival in Portland, Oregon. 


printed RACK CARD - design, concept, copy


Tradeshow attendees can easily scan this with their phones for immediate information and contact.