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Jeff Merkley BBQ

I shot these pictures at Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley's fundraising barbecue in 2016. This gallery is an insider's look at Oregon's democratic party, featuring Senator Merkley, Representative Pam Marsh, commentator Jefferson Smith and many of their dedicated supporters. I'm proud to live in a state where our senator stands on a chair to address his crowd, wearing sandals and khakis.

PDX Strength Email Blast

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Middle Mountain Farm Rebuild

Around 6 years ago I built Lynn and Paulette Wittwer www.middlemountainfarmllc.com to promote their artisan Blueberry Wine Vinegar. Now, they opened the farm up to the public as a U-Pick, so I redesigned the site and added an instagram feed (actually, 2 Instagram feeds.) This way they have the capability to promote their ripe berries in real-time, both on their website and on Instagram with just a simple post. The second feed (seen on the right side bar) imports the hashtag #middlemountainblu...

Alldrin Almonds

In creating copy for the newly-branded Alldrin Bros. Almonds, I worked with the client to understand the story behind this family-owned and operated brand. Working with the founder of BPD, this narrative history helped us develop a voice that pleased the large  family and their long-time clients. We used this voice for marketing copy, blogging and social media accounts, including Facebook, instagram, twitter and Pinterest. HERE is a PDF of blog post examples and HERE is one of products. ...