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Bang Pound Dot

  In 2015 I helped launch Bang Pound Dot, a creative and digital direction consultancy specializing in food and lifestyle brands. I collaborate directly with the founder of BPD to develop the unique voice of each client, which I then translate into both digital and print projects. My experience as a newspaper reporter helps me work with clients to get a clear idea of their story, helping to create an authentic marketing design and plan. I also work as a collaborator in general ...

Alldrin Almonds

In creating copy for the newly-branded Alldrin Bros. Almonds, I worked with the client to understand the story behind this family-owned and operated brand. Working with the founder of BPD, this narrative history helped us develop a voice that pleased the large  family and their long-time clients. We used this voice for marketing copy, blogging and social media accounts, including Facebook, instagram, twitter and Pinterest. HERE is a PDF of blog post examples and HERE is one of products. ...

Trade Roots

A website for the Portland shop Trade Roots on Northeast Broadway.

Souvenir Driver

A poster I made for Portland's Souvenir Driver.

PDX Strength

Branded and built website for gym in St. Johns owned by  Jocelyn Streng (PDXStrength, get it?)  


This is a flyer for DSL Comedy, 2 days a week of utter filth. Tuesdays at Dantes, Fridays at Mt. Tabor. Both nights start at 9, check it out if you are in Portland.

Langano Flyers

I made these flyers to promote events at the Southeast "Old Portland" Portland bar that I ran, Langano Lounge (RIP.)