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There are some of my graphic design projects.

Skyline Tavern Instagram Wall

I created this unique instagram wall for the Skyline Tavern Project, inspired Tavern's interior and personality. Each image has a specific meaning and relationship to the Tavern.

Skyline Tavern Logo & Swag

My goal for this project was to honor the both the classic and current iterations of the Skyline Tavern Project, an iconic Northwest Portland destination. To do this, I combined a 1954 Tavern logo acquired off a jacket owned by a neighbor, with art from an animated promotional video commissioned by the current owner.

Reina Marie Jewelry Logo

The sheet and final logo design for Reina Marie Jewelry. This will be used as a stamp for rings and other silver jewelry.  

PDX Strength Landscape T-shirt

This design reflects the view of Cathedral Park, the St. Johns Bridge and the Willamette river from PDX Strength. Warm weather workouts often are designed to take advantage of the gym's beautiful location.

St. Johns Cinema Movie Ad

This ad is currently on display at St. Johns Twin Cinema. Monthly, the ad will run over 5,000 times, on rotation for 45 minutes between main stream movies in both theaters. This ad has been every effective in appealing to the PDX Strength target audience, adults between the ages of 18 and 80 that live in St. Johns. I took the photos included, created the graphics and animated it using powerpoint, the required medium. I also negotiated the sale of this ad space and was able to purchase it at a ...