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Middle Mountain Farm Rebuild

Around 6 years ago I built Lynn and Paulette Wittwer to promote their artisan Blueberry Wine Vinegar. Now, they opened the farm up to the public as a U-Pick, so I redesigned the site and added an instagram feed (actually, 2 Instagram feeds.) This way they have the capability to promote their ripe berries in real-time, both on their website and on Instagram with just a simple post. The second feed (seen on the right side bar) imports the hashtag #middlemountainblu...

The Point Burien Website

A custom Wordpress website for The Point Burien. Also provided photos and copywriting. Scroll to bottom for food photo gallery or hit "Eats" in the menu.

Chuck Diesel Invitational Photos

The 2016 theme of the CDI was "Camp." Over $30,000 was raised for kids of Seattle.

Hawaii Wedding

A wedding in Kauai where I shot with both film and digital as the events photographer. I cross-processed some of the film to take advantage of Kauai's exotic scenery.


I spent some time after college working as an editor and photographer for the Headlight-Herald, a newspaper that covers Tillamook County on the Oregon Coast. Here are some photos from my coastal adventures.